Yes, Celebrities are Photobombers Too

APRIL 13, 2015 -- Admin


It’s fun and somewhat comforting to know that celebrities can do something as silly and as human as photobombing. It reminds us that even though they’re in the public eye, they’re not afraid to enjoy their time with friends and co-workers.


Shrek: Hello there, my sweet princess. (yes, technically, this isn’t really a photobomb, but it was too awesome to resist!)

shrek PB cameron diaz


Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Modern Family’s funny man Jesse makes a great addition to the Bloom-Kerr couple.

jessy tyler ferguson PB orlando bloom and miranda kerr


William Dafoe: He may have serious roles on screen, but in real life, Dafoe is more like “Da-friend”

willem dafoe PB jay z and beyonce


Usher: Classic photobombing. Take the chance when it’s THERE. Plus, that smile. (O.M.G.)

Usher PB kim kardashian



William Dafoe: He may take on serious roles on screen, but in real life, he’s more “Da-friend”

willem dafoe PB jay z and beyonce



Aaron Paul: Silly Aaron Paul photobombs Breaking Bad co-star Bryan Cranston

aaron paul PB bryan cranston



Joseph Gordon-Levitt: There’s just something adorable about him and his silly ways, isn’t there?

joseph gordon levitt



Lady Gaga: Hands up. Who else can feel that “Beauty and the Beast” vibe over here?

lady gaga PB katy perry


Johnny Depp: Of course Johnny is going to photobomb Tim! Serious bromance for years here, people.

johnny depp PB tim burton


Manu Tuilagi: Apparently, there’s never a bad time for finger horns in any picture.

manu tuilagi PB david cameron


Taye Diggs: That’s some tongue, man. Seriously.

taye diggs PB jessica szohr



Rihanna: You know what’s more epic than a celebrity with a finger horn photobomb? THIS.

rihanna PB john stamos and david alan coulier


Some Random Guy: You know you’ve made it when you can finger horn both Bert AND Hannibal Lecter

anthony hopkins and dick van dyke



Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black: Just a couple of funny guys doing their thing.

dustin hoffman and jack black PB angelina jolie



Simon Pegg: When he takes the spotlight, he TAKES the spotlight.


simon pegg PB paula patton, tom cruise and lea seydoux


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