Baby Animals to Help Brighten Up Your Day

APRIL 13, 2015 -- Admin

So you’ve had a bad day. You flunked a test. You had a run-in with a co-worker. You had a fight with your significant other.

Well, don’t go to bed with a heavy heart and a frown just yet. Check out our pick for cute baby animals to bring a smile to your face.



Baby Alpaca – If you’re a Modern Family fan, you might understand how Phil just can’t seem to resist these adorable creatures.



Baby Bats – Look at them all snuggled up like baby bat burritos! Make you want to read them a bedtime story!




Baby Bears – Boops on the nose from baby bears will make your heart melt.



Baby Chameleon – It’s…so…small. Tiny-teeny. I’ll call you Squishy and you shall be mine.



Baby Elephant- Someday, this little tyke will rule the plans, but not right now.





Baby Deer – Sure, you may have had your cat or dog fall asleep on you, but a baby deer?! Yes, please!!



Baby Fennec Fox – The Fennec fox is the real-life equivalent of the Disney “cute” formula. Big eyes and big ears.

fennec fox



Baby Ferrets – Who can resist a ball of these bouncing babies?



Baby Hippo – Baby hippo is facing an existential crisis. Don’t you just wanna give him a hug?



Baby Cat – There’s a reason why the Internet has a love affair with cats of all shapes, sizes, and ages.



Baby Rays – Huh. They DO look like “ravioli stuffed with tiny souls of the damned”. Internet, you so witty.

manta rays


Baby Otter – I didn’t think it was possible to one-up the sleeping baby deer, but I was wrong. So wrong.



Baby Pig – If this little guy asked me to stop eating bacon, I might even consider it.



Baby Porcupine – I’d risk getting stuck with those quills if it meant being able to cuddle you.



Baby Tapir – Yes, that’s a baby tapir. You’re welcome.



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