9 Celebrity Pairs that Might Be Twins Separated at Birth

MARCH 31, 2015 -- Admin

Have you ever looked at celebrities and wondered wondered whether or not they could be the same person? Well, these 10 celebrity pairs look so much alike that fans all over the world have confused for them for each other at one time. Have you ever been confused when you’re looking at….


Team Fisher vs. Team Adams



LEFT: Isla Fisher, who has starred in Now You See Me, and Confessions of a Shopaholic
RIGHT: Amy Adams, who has starred in Julie and Julia, and Enchanted

The Innocent Girl-Next-Door



LEFT: Selena Gomez, Disney Channel Star and singer
RIGHT: Rachel Bilson, who has starred television series Chuck and The OC


The Time Traveler


LEFT: A young Helen Mirren from 1960, who has starred in films like R.E.D., and Calendar Girls
RIGHT: Jennifer Lawrence, who has starred in The Hunger Games and the X-men franchise

Rugged, Dark, and Handsome

Tom Hardy-Logan Marhsall-Green

LEFT: Tom Hardy, who appeared in The Dark Knight Rises and Inception
RIGHT: Logan Marshall-Green, who appeared in both tv (The OC) and film (Prometheus)

Bubbly, Quirky, and Gorgeous on Both Accounts


LEFT: Zooey Deschanel, has appeared on film (500 Days of Summer) and in the long-running series New Girl
RIGHT: Katy Perry….oh come on, who hasn’t heard of Katy Perry??

The “WIL” Conspiracy

Will Arnett- Wilon

LEFT: Will Arnett, who is known for comedy shows such as 30 Rock and Arrested Development
RIGHT: Patrick Wilson, best known for his performance in scary movies, notably Insidious and The Conjuring

It’s the Smouldering Look in the Eyes

Mila Kunis -  Sarah Hyland

LEFT: Mila Kunis, who has appeared in both film (Black Swan) and tv series (That 70’s Show)
RIGHT: Sarah Hyland, who has appeared in both film (Scary Movie 5) and tv series (Modern Family)

More Intense Eyes Coming Your Way

Eli Roth-Zachary Quinto

LEFT: Eli Roth, directed the Hostel films, and had a role in Inglorious Basterds
RIGHT: Zachary Quinto, appeared in both film (Star Trek) and tv (American Horror Story series)

The Batman Connection


LEFT: Heath Ledger, who will forever be remembered for his roles in Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight
RIGHT: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, known for roles in movies such as 500 Days of Summer, and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


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