15 Crazy Pet Products (that Your Pet Might Actually Use)

APRIL 15, 2015 -- Admin




There are people who love their pets. These are the people who are willing to spend their time and money to make sure that their pets are comfortable, safe, healthy, and well-fed.

Then there are people who would buy these products for their pets.

Where do you belong?


For when you’re feeling too lazy to play with your pet yourself.

bacon scented bubbles



Not really sure why you’d be ashamed of your pet’s butthole, but okay.

butt covers



In case you didn’t know that your cat was purring, now you have a handy light!

colar that lights up when cat purrs



For when kitty hogs your bed too much.




Whoever says that fish owners can’t bond with their fish has obviously never walked them.




Animal magnetism at its finest.

dog cologne



For when your pets are feeling just FABULOUS.

dog manicures



Yes, apparently, doggie thongs are a thing.

dog thongs



Sailor kitty wants to hit the open seas, NOW.

hats for cats



This is a better option that having them jump up on the table, I guess.




Embarrassed by your pet’s randy antics? This might help.

hot doll for dogs



Kitty in a stroller. Just. Wow.

pet stroller



This is actually pretty useful, if not totally embarrassing to look at.

poop catcher



Now your pet doesn’t have to feel any less…masculine.

testicular implants




You know you’re a crazy cat person when your cat has a better bed than you.

this cat bed


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