13 Evil Pranks (that You Will Pay for Later)

MARCH 30, 2015 -- Admin

April Fool’s Day is just around the corner. Here are some great pranks that you can use your friends. Be warned though; you’ll probably have to hide from them for a while after April 1.


Is that a New Oreo Flavor?

Yummy Oreos


Chocolate and mint do work well together, but not like this.



The Mentos Timebomb

The Mentos Prank


This prank requires steady hands and nerves of steel, but once you get it done, you’ve got yourself an explosion of laughter ahead (yes, pun intended).


Well, Hello There, Mr. Cage

Nic Cage Surprise


Works best when your office mates are in a hurry so that they don’t lift up the copier lid all the way. Be prepared for backlash if you ruin an official office memo though.


Ah yes, Cream Cheese. The deodorant of champions

New deodorant


This can backfire terribly if your roommate refuses to shower just to get back at you.


Doughnut Disaster

Mayo Donuts
Even Homer Simpson might have a hard time stomaching these filled doughnuts.

Make Your Gamer Friend Cry

Broken Mouse

Whatever you do, don’t pull this prank in the middle of a raid.

You Thirsty, Bro?

Boooby Trapped Hall
This prank is a classic in both symmetry and patience.

You can Actually Hear His Voice Saying It

Booby Trap toilet Paper

If you think Jigsaw’s traps were evil, try this one on your roommate after a night of drinking and gorging on cheap Mexican food.

It’s Slimy and Satisfying

Lube Soap

After this particular prank, we recommend that you don’t leave out valuable that your friends can wipe their hands on.

Candy Roulette

Candy Bowl

For best results, if someone posts a similar note, make sure to remove it for future victims.

The Little Door that Honked

Honking Door

Works best if your friends or roommates work the night shift, and comes home during the wee morning hours. Sure, it might entail a bit of sacrifice on your part, but it’s WORTH IT.

The Angry Office Chair

Honking Chair

This prank is especially effective in a quiet, office environment. Make sure it doesn’t get traced back to you though, unless you have great office mates and a great boss.

Crunchy, Yummy, Caramel…Onions?

Caramel Onions

They say “trick OR treat” for a reason, you know.


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