11 Animals that Shouldn’t Exist (but Do)

MARCH 31, 2015 -- Admin

They say that the truth is stranger than fiction. Well, these crazy-looking animals will certainly prove that saying true.


Pyrua Chilensis (a.k.a. The Living Rock)

Bleeding Rock


Wait, didn’t this list say ANIMALS? Well, believe it or not, that gray mass up there actually is an animal. The Pyura chilensis is a sea squirt that can be found near Peru and Chile. What’s more, this sea creature is actually considered a Chilean delicacy.


The Dolphin with Two Heads

Dolphin with 2 heads


Spotted in August, 2014, near the coast of Izmir, Turkey, this two-headed dolphin is a medical miracle in the animal world. It has a condition called polycephaly, where the dolphin embryo grew two distinct heads while in the mother’s womb. Scientists approximated it to be a year old, which is a long time for these animal anomalies.


The Fish with Human Teeth

Fish with Teeth


Imagine that you’re fishing in the Amazon (which isn’t a good place to fish to begin with), and you hook one of these puppies. When you open their mouth to get your hook back, you’re treated to an unpleasant sight of human teeth in a fish’s mouth. More nightmare fuel: they have a particular taste for humans, and love eating male testicles.


Japanese Spider Crab

Huge Japanese Crab


Now you know where all those anime and manga villains come from. Writers and comic book illustrators only need to look at nature for inspiration.


A Real-Life Pokemon

Real-life Pokemon


The Ili Pika is what a Pokemon would look like if they were real. Jeez, it even looks like it could say it’s name in a Pikachu-like voice (which is perfect in so many ways).


Spidey Says Smile!

Smiley Spider


Oh come on, this has to be some product of really bad Photoshop skills. Well, bad news to all arachnophobes out there. The Smiley-face Spider is totally real. Now they can terrify you AND smile while doing it.


The Squid with Human Teeth

Squid with Teeth


What is it with sea creatures and human teeth?! Well, this time, the human teeth are only an illusion. The Promachoteuthis sulcus has the normal squid beak, and the “teeth” is just a covering for the beak. But then again, any non-primate creature with human teeth is terrifying.


If Winnie the Pooh was Real…

Sunbear Long Tongue


He’d kind of look like this guy. The sun bear is the smallest ursine animal, and is native to Malaysia. They use their very long tongues to ease honey out of hives and crevices. However, they are very aggressive, and should not be approached for any reason.


When Snakes Fly

The Flying Snake


Is there anything more scary than the thought of a snake dropping on you from above without any warning? This flying snakes (which belong to a genus called Chrysopelea) don’t actually fly; they glide by leaping off high areas (like tree branches), then glide down using air currents. But really, who’s nitpicking?


A Big Purple Frog

Ugly Frog


Yes, that thing is a frog, even though every instinct will tell you that it’s the unholy union of a frog and a mole. (A frole?…a moog?…). It’s native to India, but sadly, it’s endangered because its habitats are being transformed into spice plantations.


The Gentle Hulk

The Giant Pitbull


Nope, that’s not a camera trick. This pitbull is actually that big, and what’s more, he’s still growing! Aptly named Hulk, he currently weighs 174 lbs at 17 months. He is considered to be the largest American pitbull in the world.


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