10 Pictures that Show how Rescuing Cats can Change Their Lives

APRIL 14, 2015 -- Admin

There’s no denying that having a pet is a rewarding and worthwhile endeavor. Being able to care for another living being, knowing that it depends on you for its needs is a responsibility that many of us happily take on. And why not? In return, we have a bond with another living thing that will give us complete love and loyalty.

This kind of love and trust becomes even deeper when you’re adopting or rescuing an animal. Case in point, check out these 10 pictures of rescued cats, and see how their lives were changed for the better after they were rescued.




I’m not sure which is cuter: the white puff on its chest, or the tuft on its head.


From bedraggled to pampered, in two pictures.



You’d never even think it was the same kitty.




Even when missing one ear, this kitty is gorgeous!




Look at those eyes! Don’t they want to make you melt inside?



Speaking of eyes, look at those gorgeous amber-green orbs.



Clean, comfortable, and beautiful, just as all cats are supposed to be.

rescue-cat-abandoned-before-after-152__700After getting rescued and cleaned up, don’t you just wanna give this kitty a kiss?

I’ve never seen this kind of color combination in a cat before, and I’m glad someone rescued this gorgeous cat.

The second sleeping position looks more comfortable, don’t you think?


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