10 Media Personalities who were Caught…Staring

APRIL 13, 2015 -- Admin

Hey pal. Eyes up front.


P. Diddy: You could always blame it on her sparkling dress, I guess.

p diddy



Tiger Woods: You know buddy, this is what got you in trouble in the first place.

tiger woods



Bill Clinton: Naughty, naughty Mr. Ex-President.

bill clinton




Ashton Kutcher: Actually, it’s quite debatable what he’s staring at. Maybe it’s a really intense game?

ashton kutcher


Kanye West: No room for debate here, though. You can pretty much see where he’s looking.

kanye west



David Beckham: Seriously, what is it with boys and basketball games?? Also, gotta love his expression.

david beckham



Lebron James: Heck, even ballers themselves aren’t immune.


lebron james



Justin Timberlake: Looks like someone’s looking for some sexy back.

justin timberlake



Bradley Cooper: C’mon Bradley, be the gentleman here.


bradley cooper

President Barack Obama: Looks like the most powerful men in the United States have more things in common then we thought.

president obama


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