10 Creative Ways to Use Alcohol (other than Drinking it)

APRIL 15, 2015 -- Admin


If you have a pantry full of liquor that you don’t know what to do with, we  would be glad to accept donations.



Oh well, in that case, here are 10 interesting ways to use alcohol that doesn’t involve getting drunk.



1. Jewelry Polish – Gin makes an excellent jewelry cleaner, especially for gold jewelry. It removes tarnish, leaves behind a perfect gleam, and it’s way more gentle on your hands than many commercial cleaning products.

clean jewelry with gin



2. Window Cleaner  If you hate having smudged windows around your home, simply mix together an equal ratio of warm water and vodka. Spritz on the cleaner, and wipe away with a rag. The vodka will also remove any debris, dirt, or microorganisms on your windows.

clean your windows with vodka



3. Cutting Board Deodorizer – If you’re cutting highly aromatic foods such as garlic or onion, the smells left behind on your cutting board can spill over on your other food and ruin your dining experience. Simply scrub the board with whisky and salt to remove any odors or remaining food particles, and wash under warm water.

deodorize cutting boards with whisky



4. Plant Fertilizer- If you love cracking open a cold one, your plants will, too! Sprinkle beer around your plants to help them grow faster and healthier.

fertilize your plants with beer



5. Stain Remover- Yikes. Red wine on white carpet. Solution? White wine mixed with baking soda. Boom. Red stain gone,

get rid of red wine stains with white wine and baking soda



6. For Longer-lasting Flowers – The next time someone gives you fresh cut flowers, try putting them in vodka instead of water. The sugars in the vodka will help keep the flowers alive for longer.

keep flowers fresh with vodka



7. Flaky Pie Crust- For a light and flaky pie crust, mix some vodka in your dough batter. Just enough to lighten the crust, but not enough to make it taste of vodka.

make pie crust extra flaky with vodka



8. Treating Jellyfish Stings – If you’re on the beach and you get stung by a jellyfish, use beer or wine to remove the pain of the sting. Just make sure it’s not a lethal jellyfish!

pour beer or wine on jellyfish stings to take the sting away



9. Sticky Label Remover – Avoid those annoying bits of sticky paper stuck under your nails while removing labels by using vodka.

remove sticky labels on bottles and jars with vodka



10. Making Clothes Smell like New – Thrift store clothes can be cheap, but they often have that musty smell. Spritz some vodka on them and leave them to air dry. Repeat as necessary until the smell is gone.

remove thrift store smell from clothes with vodka


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